Open History Class at the New Cemetery

The first Open History Class of the Economy, Law and Administration High School students took place at the New Cemetery in Belgrade, on Monday, October 13, 2014. The class was dedicated to the WW I Centenary and therefore the students visited the burial sites of the individuals relevant for the Serbian history in this period: Politician Nikоla Pаšić, Field Marshal Živojin Mišić, Serbian WW I Heroine Мilunka Sаvić, Field Marshal Radomir Putniik Russian Imperial Ambassador to Serbia Nikоlаy Genrikovitch Hartwig, Mayor Drаgutin Gаvrilоvić, in addition to the Monument of the Russian Glory (Russian Ossuary) and the Memorial Ossuary of Belgrade Defenders from 1915.

Students, their literature and history teachers as well as the headmaster, spoke about life and achievements of these significant individuals and conditions within the historical period they lived in. Representatives of the school placed red roses and lit candles at each monument. The most exceptional experience for the students was actually entering to the Memorial Ossuary of the Serbian soldiers, defenders of Belgrade in 1915.

This extraordinary idea was welcomed by General Manager of the Public Utility Company “Funeral Services”, Mr. Drаgаn Bаltоvski, who extended his gratitude to the students, their teachers and headmaster for the visit, expressing hope that these type of activities will continue in the future and pointed out that preservation of history and tradition is a paramount duty of each nation.

The class was completed by spirited declamation of the famous Address of Major Drаgutin Gаvrilоvić to the Belgrade Defenders in 1915, by one of the high school seniors.

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