Burial places lease and cemetery maintenance fees payment:

On this page you may effect payments for lease and cemetery maintenance fees for all types of burial places: graves, crypts, rosaria and columbaria cassettes.

The payments are effected in accordance with the valid price list on the date of payment.

Important Notice:
If there is a payment due for the said burial place, the existing debt will be settled first, while the remaining amount will be used to cover the following lease or maintenance period.

If you are right-to-use holder of a burial place (grave, crypt, rosaria or columbaria cassette), you may check the following link: https://beogradskagroblja.com/pregled-uplata/, where you will be granted a PIN number, which will enable you to perform on-line check of payment status for all individual burial places, in addition to effecting payments by payment cards.

If you are not certain about the section and burial place number, or you need any additional information, you may contact us from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 17:00 hrs. at: + 00 381 11 2071-360 and 2071-304, or e-mail address: uplate@beogradskagroblja.rs


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