24-hour Call Centre
50th Ruzveltova St.

011 20 71 333 and 011 20 71 377
064 85 54 096

Fax 011 20 71 331

An employee for outside visits of the Call centre comes to the apartment of the family of the deceased, organises funerals or cremations, reduction of funeral costs, arranges funeral equipment, transportation, flower arrangements, printing of obituaries, publishing obituaries in the newspapers, providing all important documents.

Visit of the employee for outside visits is free of charge.

If death occurs in the apartment, the employee of the Call Centre reports the death to the forensic official, who issues confirmation of death with which the death certificate could be obtained from the registrar of the municipality, which is necessary for the organizing and scheduling of funeral and cremation.

If death occurs in the hospital, hospital personnel issues a certificate on release and confirmation of death. On the basis of this document the death certificate, which is necessary for the organisation and scheduling of the funeral or cremation, is obtained from the registrar of the municipality on whose territory the hospital is located.

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