Wreaths laid at the Alley of the Fallen Patriots within the New Cemetery of Belgrade on the occasion of October 20th

Commemorating  October 20th,  Day of Belgrade Liberation in WWII, a member of  the City Council Stevo Tatalović laid a wreath today at the Alley of the Fallen Patriots (1941- 1944). The tribute to the fallen patriots was also paid by the president of the local Chapter of Union of the War Veterans of National Liberation War of Serbia (SUBNOR), Boro Ercegovac. It was pointed out that the liberation of Belgrade was one of determining events during the WWII in this area and that the future generations should be continuously taught and reminded on their ancestors who selflessly sacrificed their lives for freedom.

The Alley of the Fallen Patriots (1941-1944) was built in 1959, according to the designs of the architects Bogdan Bogdanović and Svetislav Ličina. In the central area of the Alley, there is a collective grave site with the grass mound above (symbolising the Avala Mountain), where the remains of 1.057 patriots killed in the occupied Belgrade, in additon to citzens of Belgrde died in the Nazi Concentraton Camps were laid to rest.

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