The race team of the Public utility company “Funeral services”, Belgrade, participated at the Belgrade Business Run under the name of “Just you run…”

The race Belgrade Business Run took place on June 13, 2019 at Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade. This occasion animated the business community of Serbia to promote  team spirit, endurance and accomplishment as the core values that employers of Serbia strive for.

Public utility company “Funeral services“ team participated under the name (and a motto) of “Just you run …“ and consisted of four ladies : Lidija Petrović, Tatjana Mirković, Marija Šaranović and Marija Ždero. Although, the achieved race results are not the prime motivation of this lively meeting and the key phrase is : “ Walk or run 5 Kilometers”, our team finished the race achieving respectable results.

The organizers of the Belgrade Business Run staged a memorable event that included aquanting between all team members chating, as much as mingling with the audience and celebreting with the colleagues of our company that were the part of that audience too.

Numeral studies show clear results that going into any kind of sport is beneficial to one persons’ concentration, general wellbeing and achievements in professional life and just as well in personal life. For that very reason, our four colleagues are the winners. They also motivated our other colleagues to come into the Belgrade Business Run in more numbers next year.


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