Outsanding Love Stories of Great Serbian Men and Women – free thematic stroll through the New Cemetery in Belgrade on June 3, 2018

Following the initiative of the Association of Significant Cemeteries of Europe(ASCE), the last week of May is traditionally marked throughout Europe as Week of Discovering European Cemeteries (WDEC), with the aim to encourage the citizens of Belgrade to get to know and understand the values, artistic achievements and funerary heritage diversities thorough the series of events. In the course of 2018, i.e., the year pronounced as the European Year of Culture Heritage with the slogan: „Our Heritage: Where the past meets the future“, the New Cemetery in Belgrade, which due to its refined anesthetization and high artistic values was accepted as a regular member of the Association of Significant Cemeteries of Europe and EU Cemeteries Route, actively participates by organizing the thematic strolls through the cemetery, including interactive presentations with the idea to present its cultural heritage and enhance knowledge of funerary areas as primary places of remembrance and endless cultural and tourist resources.

Inscription on the headstone of painter and poet Đura Jakšić

We wish to invite the citizens of Belgrade and visitors to our capital to join us on Sunday, June 3, 2018, at 11:00 hrs., in the free thematic stroll through the precious cultural, historical and artistic treasure trove of the New Cemetery in Belgrade – an Open Air Museum. We heard and accepted your proposals and therefore the upcoming thematic stroll will be devoted to the true love stories. Outstanding Love Stories of Great Serbian Men and Women will be a guided stroll devoted to fatal loves which provoked imagination, instigated the local gossips, inspired to artistic creation or caused deep despair. Your reliable guide through the unprecedented history of our capital, lined with many hardly known or concealed facts, will be our colleague, art historian Dr Violeta Obrenović. Join us in the adventure during which you will hear the advice of the experienced match-maker on marital bliss, discover who was a beautiful “fiery-eyed and thin-wasted inn server”, who caused the heartache to the famous painter and poet Đura Jakišić, who were Mehmed and Milica in the novel of Dame Rebeca West, including the identity of a German lady in the novel of the author Laza Lazarević. Don’t miss the stories of the poet who fled over the Sava River to another state, due to openly expressed affection to his late wife’ sister, on the beauty of loneliness that surrounded the famous Serbian female author, not to mention non-reciprocated love of Prince Mihailo’s only son. All this and much more peculiarities, followed by laughter, some disbelief and surprises, you may experience in the course of the light and relaxing stroll to the carefully maintained park areas and allies of the New Cemetery in Belgrade. Be prepared to spend a quality afternoon in Belgrade, to be recommended and remembered!

Guide and story-teller: Dr Violeta Obrenović, art historian
Time: Sunday, June 3, 2018 at 11:00 hrs
Venue: Plateau at the entrance to the New Cemetery, 50 Ruzveltova St.
Duration: 120 minutes
Contact for groups and individuals: 011/2071-342; 064/855-4007

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