Great people of goodwill – thematic stroll through the New Cemetery on the occasion of the 2017 European Heritage Days

We wish to invite all interested citizens and guests of Belgrade to join our colleague Violeta Obrenović, art historian in a free thematic tour through the New Cemetery of Belgrade, the largest open-air gallery and one of the most beautifully maintained park areas in Belgrade, on Sunday, October 1, at 11:00 a.m. This thematic stroll through the park areas and allies of the New Cemetery, entitled: „Great People of Goodwill “, will be especially focused on the people of goodwill, Serbian benefactors and philanthropists.

Continuing the noble tradition of endowments, which were especially nurtured in the medieval Serbia, we will point out all the great people who considered the endowment philanthropy in terms of financial support to scientific, cultural and educational institutions, as their moral and patriotic obligation. At our route, we will learn about skilled merchants, mighty industrialists, politicians, bishops, officers, but also about ordinary citizens, modest craftsmen and farmers. Significant number of charming anecdotes, unusual stories on kindness and wisdom, lucky breaks and life’s mishaps, will not leave you indifferent, whereas and their gravestones will intrigue you to a point that you will most certainly wish to pay a closer look and visit the location again on your own. You should bring good spirit and comfortable shoes, for it is more than certain you would wish to continue the stroll, in a view of our colleague’s detailed knowledge and story-telling skills.

Warmest recommendations!

Term: Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 11:00 a.m.

Venue: plateau at the main entrance to the New Cemetery, 50 Ruzveltova St.

Duration: 125 minutes

Contact for groups and individuals:

phone.: 011/2071-342; e-mail:


Ова објава је расположива и на: Serbian (cyr) Serbian (lat)