Embodied from Soul and Mind– Guided stroll through the New Cemetery on Sunday, April 1, 2018 – 11:00 a.m.

Since the tourist season in Belgrade is seriously taking on a momentum at the beginning of April, Public Utility Company “Funeral Services”, in accordance with its continuous efforts to sustain the excellence and remain ever present chronicler of the city and the keeper of the memories, customs, tastes, stands and believes of its residents in addition to their authentic stories, proudly steps into this valued kaleidoscope of our capital’s tourist offer. We are happy to invite the citizens of Belgrade and dear guests of our capital to join the free guided stroll through the exquisite cultural treasury of the New Cemetery – The Open-air Museum, on Sunday April 1, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. There is no place for prejudice, since the guided strolls through the alleys of the New Cemetery attracted several thousand visitors in the course of the previous year, who are wholeheartedly recommending our tours, constantly proposing the new themes and subjects they want to learn more about.

Embodied from Soul and Mind is a thematic stroll devoted to all those fascinating ladies, who in spite of disturbing patriarchal social settings, managed to find the way to – graciously and with a smile – move the world in direction of progress and make it better place to live. Our colleague, Violeta Obrenović, PhD, outstanding connoisseur of the funerary and memorial culture will guide you through the tales of these heroines of spirit, their fatal loves, women who were active as in and around the front lines, controversial free thinkers, but also malicious gossips and ruthless entrapment. To capture your imagination, we are announcing the visit to the monument of the legendary  „Serbian Sarah Bernard “ who was a cause of  duels and to whom many emotional verses were written by local poets, in addition to the first Serbian librarian and journalist of the „Politika “ Daily News, who elegantly defied the strict believes of her time and  later became originator of the local modern dance movement, not to mention the bright and  highly disputed Serbian lady, who managed to acquire the PhD title and become the first female professor of the Belgrade University, in addition to the paintress and muse to the artists, whose flashes of wit caused many similes on the caricatures of her famous husband. During our stroll, you will hear the stories on the above mentioned and many other interesting women, their work and life stories, carefully preserved in the alleys and parks of the New Cemetery. Wear comfortable shoes and we will take care of your good spirit and make sure that you spend an unforgettable afternoon.

Storyteller and guide: Violeta Obrenović, PhD, art historian

Term: Sunday, April 1, at 11:00 a.m.

Venue: plateau at the main entrance to the New Cemetery, 50 Ruzveltova St.

Duration: 120 minutes

Contacts for groups and individuals: 011/2071-342; violeta.obrenovic@beogradskagroblja.rs


Ова објава је расположива и на: Serbian (cyr) Serbian (lat)