Alleys of Eternity – Museum night at the New Cemetery

The New Cemetery of Belgrade had opened its gates for the fifth time for the visitors on the occasion of the Museum Night. Within this year’s 14th Museum Night, entitled “Big and small revolutions”, the visitors to the New Cemetery had an opportunity to remember significant military commanders, statesmen, authors, scientists, actors and other creative individuals who participated in building of our culture and forming of the spirit.  The visitors were able to visit the last resting places of general Janko Vukotić, politician and statesman Nikola Pašić, revolutionary and socialist Dimitrije Tucović, author and national tribune Petara Kočić, scientist and geographer Jovan Cvijića, the first educated female physician Draga Ljočić, benefactor Ilija Milosavljević Kolarac, Field Marshal Živojin Mišić, benefactor Velimir Teodorović, WW1 heroine Milunka Savić, author Branislav Nušić,  actors: Dragan Nikolić, Bata Živojinović, Olivera Marković,  Rade Marković, Petar Kralj and Zoran Radmilović, authors: Miloš Crnjanski, Danilo Kiš, Ivo Andrić, Branko Ćopić and  Momo Kapor,  in addition to Field Marshal  Radomir Putnik, statesmen and politician Ilija Garašanin, and first Serbian lithographer and photographer. Different periods of their lives and work enabled the visitors to see their greatness within the time they lived and work in a different way. In the course of this “stroll through the history” we managed to connect the ancient and present time, at the same time confirming that the “Greats” will remain great disregarding the period or the filed in which they lived and worked.

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