Stroll through the Allies of the New Cemetery – 13th Belgrade International Architectural Week

As a part of the program of the 13th Belgrade International Architectural Week, the traditional Stroll through the Allies of the New Cemetery was organized on Sunday, May 20, 2018, guided by our colleague, art historian Dr Violeta Obrenović.
The stroll started form the entrance to the New Cemetery and comprised the visit to the main allies, particular sculptural works and final resting places of significant individuals. Special attention was paid to the spatial areas of Arcades, Alley of the Greats and Alley of the Meritorious Citizens, in addition to the history and architectural features of the Serbian Ossuary of Belgrade Defenders (1914-1918), WWI Russian Ossuary and Chapel devoted to Iverska Virgin.
The visitors had a chance to hear the stories on Nada Tomić, daughter of historian Jovan Tomić, who lost her life trying to save the life of drowning infant from the Geneva lake, on architect, artist and art historian Aleksandar Deroko, his love of flying and art, including his tempestuous friendship with author Rastko Petrović and many others. We wish to particularly empathize the emotional story about challenging life path of the author and translator Anica Savić Rebac, her struggle to have the university career in the narrow-minded environment that imposed many limitations to women, in addtion to extraordinary, timeless love of Anica Rebac and her husband Hasan, which inspired the author Dame Rebeca West to write her novel “Mehmed and Milica”. Anica was one of the first women who earned her doctoral degree at the University of Belgrade in 1932 and who translated the famous work of Petar II Petrović Njegoš, the Prince Bishop of Montenegro “The Ray of Microcosm” (Luča mikrokozma, 1845) to German and English languages.

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