87th Anniversary of Death of the – New Cemetery’s founder dr Vladan Đorđević

Dr Vladan Đorđević was one of the most prominent figures of cultural, scientific and political life of 19th Century Serbia. In the medical field, he was the first Serbian physician specialized in surgery and a pioneer in experimental work in medicine. He was a founder of Serbian Medical Association, Serbian Red Cross Society, Association for Gymnastics and Wrestling – a predecessor to the Association “Dušan Silni” and “Sokol Movement”.

101 years from Petar Kočić’s Death

On August 27, 2017, there will be 101 years from death of great author and national tribune Petar Kočić. Petar Kočić was a prominent Serbian author, national activist against the Austrian occupation and social injustice in rural areas, who devoted his entire literary and political work to the national and social activism. He was Serbian representative in the Bosnian Parliament in 1910 and 1911. 

Commemoration of 88th Anniversary of Death of the Humanist, Criminologist and Exceptional Friend of Serbia – dr Archibald Reiss

In addition to the state ceremony traditionally commemorating the anniversary of death of Archibald Reiss –  „Serbian Friend for All Times “– in terms of laying wreathes to his monument at the Topčider Park, a group of citizens form Mačvanski Prvnjavor paid their respect and laid wreaths at the resting place of Archibald Reiss at the Topčider Cemetery (Archibald Reiss was pronounced honorary citizen of Mačvanski Prnjavor in 1922).