On the trail of humanity and philanthropy– remembering the founders of the Circle of Serbian Sisters

On Saturday, June 9, 2018,  representatives of the Circle of Serbian Sisters from Niš visited the New Cemetery and paid their respects to some of the most prominent women related to the movement, laid to rest at this cemetery: Nadežda Petrović, Katarina Milovuk and Delfa Ivanić, in addition to WWI heroine, Milunka Savić.

Circle of Serbian Sisters was established as humanitarian, cultural and educational female society on 28. August 1903 (Orthodox Assumption Day). It seemed that on that day at the „Kolarac“ restaurant, Nadežda Petrović managed to vibrate the finest string of humanity and philanthropy in a few thousand women. Membership in the Circle is voluntary and honorable, whereas the members do not receive  remuneration for their work. It represents personal decision, empowered by principles of humanity, honor and high morality. The Circle of Serbian Sister in Niš was founded two years later, on October 30, 1905, when the respected and dignified ladies who considered humanitarian work and philanthropy as their social obligation and gratitude as an award, stepped out form the security of their homes onto the historic and humanitarian scene. Restored in the treacherous 90s, the Circle of Serbian Sisters in Niš was decorated by the Order of Empress Milica by the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church, on the occasion of the 110 anniversary of their existence and humanitarian work.


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