Commemoration of 59 years from death the Milutin Milanković – at the New Cemetery of Belgrade

On 12.12.2017, the Association “Milutin Milanković” from Belgrade, commemorated 59 – years form death of one of the most significant Serbian Scientists – Milutin Milanković, with the memorial service and a short address.

Milutin Milanković was an engineer, climatologist, astronomer, member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts and founder of the Department of Celestial Mechanics at the Belgrade University. He was an internationally renowned scientist, famous for its Ice Ages related theory (Milankovitch’s Cycles), which connects the Earth orbit variations to the long-term climate changes. Milanković died on December 12, 1958, at the age of 80. He was initially buried at the New Cemetery of Belgrade, but his dying wish was for his remains to be laid to rest in his native Dalj. This was carried out in 1966. Milanković left his legacy in terms of scientific papers and other works to the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, where his cabinet is being preserved.

Interesting facts about Milutin Milanković:


  • He was the author of the most accurate calendar until this day.
  • 34 km wide crater on the further side of the Moon was named after him, in addition to the crater on the Mars (118 km in diameter), including the asteroid named 1605 Milanković.
  • NASA included him in the list of the 10 most significant scientists involved in studying of the planet Earth.
  • He gained the international fame not by working in the largest international capitals, like many other scientists. Instead, he was worked on his theories in the small office at the Belgrade University, using only paper, pencil, slide rule and logarithm tables.
  • European Geosciences Union established the Milutin Milanković Medal in 1993, for significant contributions in the field of climate changes.
  • He was the most quoted Serbian scientist of all times.

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