Festive celebration of St. Vitus Day -the Patron Saint Day of the Public Utility Company „Funeral Services “

A festive celebration of the PUC “Funeral Services” Patron Saint Day- Holy Martyr Prince Lazar and Serbian Holy Martyrs – St. Vitus Day, was held today in the St. Nicolas Church at the New Cemetery of Belgrade. The celebration was attended by the management of the PUC “Funeral Services”, Supervisory Board members, union representatives, employees,

120-years Anniversary of Death of Miloš Milojević marked at the New Cemetery of Belgrade

120-years Anniversary of death of Miloš Milojević was commemorated at the New Cemetery of Belgrade on June 24, 2017, in terms of commemoration and shorter memorial program. The commemoration and anniversary was attended by representatives of “Miloš Milojević Association” from Crna Bara, representatives of the local municipality, cultural institutions and decedents. Poet and philosopher Milan Mladnović spoke,

Artis Center – Stroll through the New Cemetery within the Cycle „Heritage without Boarders“

The next to the last stroll in the spring-summer 2017 seasons within the Artis Center Cycle entitled “Heritage without Boarders” was conducted on June 17, 2017, with inspired story-telling of the guide Tamara Ognjević. The stroll started with a tale on the history of the Belgrade cemeteries, including the New Cemetery, in addition to the burial-related customs,

Lecture on Conservation of Field Marshal Radomir Putinik Burial Chapel at the New Cemetery of Belgrade

Following the initiative by the Central Conservation Institute, on Friday, June 16, 2017 a lecture entitled „Field Marshal Radomir Putnik Burial Chapel Conservation Project – Case Study” intended for students of Cultural heritage conservation course at the „Tehno-art” High School form Belgrade was held at the New Cemetery. The lecture was organized on the occasion of two important anniversaries: Centenary of Death of Field Marshal Radomir Putnik and fifteen years from the completion of conservatory works performed on the Field Marshal Radomir Putnik Burial Chapel.

„Days of Minsk in Belgrade“ – laying wreaths to the Memorial Cemetery of Belgrade Liberators (1944)

On the occasion of the event „Days of Minsk in Belgrade “, on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, the wreaths were laid at the Memorial Cemetery of Belgrade Liberators, monument to the Red Army Soldier, in addition to the monument dedicated to Belarusian soldiers killed in the course of the “Belgrade operation”. The wreaths laying ceremony was attended by Andrei Shoretz,

Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade Art History Department Student Practice

As a part of the 7th Student practice organized for the students of Art History Department of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, a special theme group “Architectural Monuments of the New Cemetery” was formed, due to significant interest among the students, in addition to exceptional cultural and historical value of the New Cemetery of Belgrade.