Canadian delegation visiting the Great War memorials at the New Cemetery in Belgrade

Ogranized by the Department of Migration Policy, Diaspora and Social Security Agreements of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on November 16, 2018, a Canadian delegation accompanied by the Ambassador Dr Ljiljana Niksic and descendants of WWI heroine Milunka Savic, visited the final resting places of legendary Serbian WWI commanders and other significant memorials at the New Cemetery of Belgrade, devoted to the Great War (Field Marshal Radomir Putnik, Field Marshal Živojin Misic, Field Marshal Petar Bojovic, General Pavle Jurisic Sturm, heroine Milunka Savic & etc.). The guests also visited the Memorial Ossuary of Belgrade Defenders (1914-1918), where they had a chance to enter the crypt beneath the monument, and learn about the history of this memorial through the intriguing stories of our colleague Dr Violeta Obrenovic, art historian.


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