101 years from Death of Field Marshal Putnik Commemorated at the New Cemetery of Belgrade

On May 17, 2018, 101 years from death of the Field Marshal Rаdоmir Putnik was commemorated at the New Cemetery of Belgrade, with full military and state honors and laying wreaths at the Field Marshal Putnik Burial Chapel at the New Cemetery central lane.

Radomir Putnik, the first Serbian high-ranking officer holding the rank of Field Marshal,

LEST WE FORGET – ANZAC DAY – Commemoration Day for Fallen Commonwealth Soldiers

The commemoration for fallen Commonwealth soldiers who died in wars, conflicts and peace-keeping operations was held at the New Cemetery of Belgrade, on April 25, 2018, by paying respects and laying wreaths at the WWII Commonwealth Military Cemetery. This day is commemorated each year on April 25, in Australia and New Zealand and was originally established in honor of the Australian and New Zealand Armed Forces (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps –