Funeral equipment may be purchased in the shops of the Public Utility Company “Pogrebne usluge” located at the cemeteries or through an employee for outside visits of the 24-hour Call Centre as well as in services at the cemeteries where there is no possibility of purchase through a catalogue.

Shops in which a funeral equipment can be bought are at the following locations:

New Cemetery, 50th Ruzveltova St.
011 20 71 391
Working hours: 24 hours

New Bežanija Cemetery, Gandijeva bb
011 21 78 942, 011 20 70 408
Working hours from 07 to 15 hours, except Sunday

WU Morgue, 36th Deligradska St.
011 36 15 573
Working hours from 07 to 15 hours, except Sunday

Cemetery Orlovača, Ibarska magistrala bb
011 25 60 704, 011 25 60 705
From 07 to 15 hours, except on Sundays

Average price of the funeral equipment is 35.744,00 dinars.

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