Remembrance Day commemorated at the New Cemetery of Belgrade

100 years form signing the armistice in the WWI was commemorated on November 11, 2018, at the New Cemetery of Belgrade, in terms of the state ceremony with participation of the Diplomatic corps of Belgrade. The central state manifestation of laying wreaths and paying respects at the Memorial Ossuary of Belgrade Defenders (1914-1918), was conducted by the Minister of Internal Affairs,


Commemoration at the Austro- Hungarian Military Cemetery- WWI Armistice Centenary

On November 10, 2018, the commemoration ceremony intended to honor Austro-Hungarian soldiers killed during the battles for Belgrade in the WWI in addition to all casualties of the Great War, was held at the Austro-Hungarian Military Cemetery within the New Cemetery of Belgrade. This year, the ceremony was especially dignified due to the upcoming centenary of the WWI Armistice.


“Days of Freedom” – Commemoration of 100 years’ anniversary liberation from of Belgrade in WWI – (New Cemetery in Belgrade – Serbia)

Within the event „Days of Freedom“, and on the occasion of WWI Armistice Centenary and Commemoration of 100 years anniversary liberation of Belgrade in WWI (November 1), on November 1, 2018 the wreaths were first laid at the WWI French Military Cemetery, by the French State Secretary for Defense, Geneviève Darrieussecq, Serbian Minister for Labor,


Belgrade High School Students Visiting the New Cemetery of Belgrade

On October 24 and 25, 2018, we were privileged to receive the visit from two groups of high school students: students from „Tehno-Art“  High School for Technologies and Crafts and students from High School Student Dorms Association of Belgrade.

Through the story about the history of the New Cemetery in Belgrade, since its beginnings to the present day,


Commemoration of 103 – Years anniversary from the commencement of Belgrade defense during the WWI

103-Years anniversary form the commencement of Belgrade defense during the WWI was commemorated at the New Cemetery in Belgrade on October 7, 2018. This significant date was commemorated by laying flowers and wreaths at the Serbian Ossuary of Belgrade Defenders (1914-1918) and final resting place of the Colonel Dragutin Gavrilović at the New Cemetery of Belgrade.


The Fatherland is Defended by Heart– Free guided stroll through the New Cemetery in Belgrade on the occasion of the European Heritage Days


As a response of this year’s theme of the cultural manifestation European Heritage Days – „European Year of Cultural Heritage: Art of shearing “, On September 23, 2018, the first in the series of the guided strolls through the New Cemetery was held, entitled “Fatherland is Defended by Heart”. In line with the theme,


“To which extent cultural heritage belongs to women?”– significant women buried at the New Cemetery in Belgrade

Shortly before the planned round table on the subject: “To which extent  cultural heritage belongs to  women?”, organized within  the Program “Share Your Knowledge” on the occasion of the European Year of Cultural Heritage  (2018); mentors and alumni of the Program, who visited the New Cemetery in Belgrade on August 25,


102 years from Petar Kočić’s Death

On August 27, 2018, there will be 102 years from death of great author and national tribune Petar Kočić. Petar Kočić was a prominent Serbian author, national activist against the Austrian occupation and social injustice in rural areas, who devoted his entire literary and political work to the national and social activism. He was Serbian representative in the Bosnian Parliament in 1910 and 1911.  Through his satiric stories (such as: “The Badger on Trial”,

Commemoration of 89th Anniversary of Death of the Humanist, Criminologist and Exceptional Friend of Serbia – Dr Archibald Reiss

In addition to the state ceremony traditionally commemorating the anniversary of death of Archibald Reiss, „Serbian Friend for All Times”, in terms of laying wreathes to his monument at the Topčider Park, a group of citizens form Mačvanski Prvnjavor paid their respect and laid wreaths in addition to conducting requiem service at the resting place of Archibald Reiss at the Topčider Cemetery (Archibald Reiss was pronounced honorary citizen of Mačvanski Prnjavor in 1922).